Cyberworks 3

We built a system allowing server admins to view and edit players on the Arma 3 Life server.

Used by hundreds of communities


What can it do?

Our panel was built on our experience with life servers

Player Editing

Advanced Player Editing

Our player editing tool allows server admins to change quickly identify any problems as well as quickly help out players

  • White Listing
  • Compensation Requests
  • Inventory Editing

Useful Dashboard

We developer a summary dashboard which allows you to quickly see everything a server admin needs

  • Top Players
  • Total Players
  • Latest Player
Permission Editor

Powerful Permissions

Every community is different so we build our permissions system to be completely customisable

  • Unlimited Groups
  • Dynamic Permissions

Want to use it yourself?

You can head to our GitHub and download the latest version right now.